Minerware is a mini game on CubeCraft, featuring collection of micro-games and boss battles, inspired by WarioWare.​ There are 15 micro-games per game of Minerware, plus one boss game. Micro-games award you one point each for completion, whereas the boss game awards you three.


The maximum amount of players per game is 12, and it requires 4 players to start. When a micro-game is announced, follow its instructions to win a point. They will show on the screen as a title and also in chat. The top 3 players with the most points at the end of the sixteen rounds win the game!











Wait for it…

A title shows on your screen with the words "Wait for it..." You need to wait for the next instruction to appear to complete the micro-game. In Normal mode, the only instruction that follows is "Jump in the Void." On hard mode, a different instruction will be shown instead, such as "Jump three times." You must also complete this micro-game in a shorter period of time.

Milk the Cow

Chests spawn randomly on all the mini platforms. They are filled with buckets and occasionally a pebble (golden nugget). Grab a bucket and milk the cow that is in the middle to complete the micro-game. On hard mode the amount of chests that spawn is less.

Stack a tower

All players are given 20 wool blocks in a random colour. You need to stack straight up 10 blocks high to get a point! On hard mode you are required to stack 12 blocks high instead of 10.

Fly to the Moon

Double tap space to start flying. Fly upwards until the game says you have reached the "moon" in the chat to win a point. If you are playing on hard mode, obstacles will appear which you must dodge as you fly into the air.

Be the last Knight standing

Everyone is equipped with armour and a sword. You don't need to kill anyone in order to win a point - simply staying alive until the end of the round is considered a win. Stronger swords as well as weaker armour are given in hard mode.

Dodge anvils

The main platform becomes bedrock, and anvils begin to fall from the sky. It's easier than it looks, as long as you keep looking upwards to dodge them all until the timer runs out. More anvils fall in hard more, therefore faster dodging is required.

Pick a Flower

The main platform is turned into a garden filled with different flowers. When you see the instructions for the micro-game, it tells you to break a certain flower. You have five attempts for this, or only one on hard mode. Keep in mind that the flowers will switch places every few seconds.

Solve the Equation

A random equation will appear on the screen. Type your answer in chat, but keep in mind that typing it while in party chat will not work. You have one chance to answer correctly, do this and you will gain a point. There will be harder equations for hard mode.

Build a Crafting Table

The main platform is turned into grass and everyone is given an iron axe, an oak sapling and lots of bone meal. Plant a sapling, grow it with your bone meal, chop it log and make a crafting table to win the micro-game. There is less time to craft if you're playing hard mode.

Answer Question

The platform is split into different sides and colours. In Normal mode, answer the question by standing on green for yes and red for no. In hard mode there are four options instead of two.

Keep moving

Players are given super speed. Keep running around the platform and don’t stop until the timer runs out to win the micro-game. Jumping or moving your camera around will also work. There will be holes of lava on hard mode, so make sure not to run into them.

Ride a Cow

Cows are spawned around the main platform. To ride a cow, simply right click one. Punching someone will throw them off their cow. Make sure you are currently on a cow when the time runs out to win your point. Fewer cows will be spawned if you are playing hard mode.

Don't Stop Sneaking

Crouch and stay crouched until the timer runs out. If you stop crouching then you will lose your point. In hard mode TNT will spawn, so you need to keep moving while sneaking!

Build a Golem

The main platforms is turned into ice and the mini platforms snow, and everyone is given 16 Snowballs and a Pumpkin. Craft a Snow block with your Snowballs and create a Snow Golem to win the micro-game. You can even throw the snowballs at the other players, which you get more of when playing on hard mode.

Feed Mr Blobbo

Pick up the food that drops on the ground and collect 20 nutrition points (the game will tell you when you have enough.) Once you have it, go and right click the slime in the middle to get a point. 30 nutrition is required instead of 20 on hard mode.

Slime Drop

You have a few seconds to line yourself up on the glass surface before it disappears, then you need to try and land on the slime blocks. They are surrounded by lava, and if you touch the lava you will lose your point. PVP is enabled as you fall, so watch out you don't get punched. In hard mode, emerald blocks are placed instead of lava to try and fool you.

Musical Chairs

Music will play in the background whilst you locate a chair, and when it stops, you must right-click the chair to sit in it and get your point. If you can't get in a chair, or you try to sit too early, you will lose your point. If you are playing on hard mode, the chairs are invisible until the music stops, so you have to get to a chair as fast as you can once they appear.

Loot Chests and kill all

Chests will appear on the mini platforms, filled with gear like you would find in survival games. Loot the chests to find weapons and armour, then try to kill everyone else. You can get your point by surviving until time runs out. If you die to someone, you will lose your point. More time is given in hard mode, meaning you need to try and survive longer.

Mine an ore

The platform turns into a large cube of cobblestone with ores hidden underneath it. You are given a pickaxe, and need to find and mine the ore that is given in the instructions. On hard mode, TNT is found within the cube, damaging you if you find it.

Craft an item

All the mini platforms turn into crafting tables , and the dropped item floating above them is the one that you need to craft. Resources are found inside your inventory, and you simply need to craft the item before the time runs out and you will win the micro-game. Hard mode uses more difficult-to-craft items in a shorter time.

Stand on wool

The main platform is turned into a mix of different coloured wool. Stand on the colour wool that is given in the instructions to win a point. Players are given knock-back sticks which they can use to knock you away from your colour. A wider range of wool appears on hard mode, meaning it is harder to find the desired colour.

Stand on diamond 

Some of the mini platforms change into diamond blocks. When the time runs out, the other blocks except these ones will vanish, so you need to be standing on one before that happens. Players are given knock-back sticks, so watch out for those. Fewer platforms are spawned on hard mode.

The floor is Lava

The blocks on the main platform are slowly changing colour, and when they get to red it will turn into lava. Survive until the timer runs out to get a point. Be aware that in hard mode, the rate that the blocks change colour is increased.

Parkour and Eat Cake

A short parkour course, picked out of three, is constructed on the main platform. At the end of each parkour course, there is a cake that you must take a bite out of to win a point. On hard mode, you have a ridiculously short time to complete them. However, you don't have to finish the entire parkour before you can just make a jump for the cake.

Shear some Sheep

The platform is turned into a pen full of sheep. All players are given shears, and your task is to shear at least 12 sheep to win the micro-game. This is changed to 14 on hard mode.

Win the snow fight

In normal mode, the players are randomly set either blue team or red team, and have a stack of snowballs. If you get hit with a snowball, you are out of the game. The last team standing wins, or the one that has more players left when the micro-game timer runs out. On hard mode, you are split into pairs instead of teams.

Jump and catch Emeralds

The main platform becomes a massive slime block trampoline, and your task is to jump through the emerald blocks that are floating in the sky. You need to catch 5 for normal mode, and 8 to satisfy hard mode.

Dress like the mannequins

Armour stands will appear on each mini platform wearing coloured pieces of leather armour. Choose from all the different colours in your inventory to dress exactly like the mannequins, and you will win the micro-game. If you are playing on hard mode, you will have a shorter time to equip armour.

Ignite the TNT

Players are given a flint and steel when the micro-game starts. There is one TNT block on each of the mini platforms that you need to be light using your flint and steel. If you fail to light a block of TNT, you will lose your point. Fewer TNT blocks are spawned on hard mode.

Avoid the explosions

An amount of TNT between 6-8 will fall from the sky, and you have a few seconds to get out of their explosion radius or you will miss out on your point. More TNT is spawned on hard mode.

Enchant the Item

The mini platforms turn into enchantment and your inventory is filled with Enchanted Books and Items to enchant. Read the instruction given in chat to find out which item you need to enchant and what you need to enchant it with. Do this successfully to win the micro-game. If you're playing on hard mode, you have a shorter time to enchant items.

Cactus Slap

Cacti are spawned around the platform, and all players are given a knock-back stick. Hit your opponents into the cacti and avoid getting hit into them to win a point. On hard mode, You can attempt to kill players with your sword as well.

Balance Beam

A line of glass panes will appear, with arrows being shot out to try and knock you off. Cross the glass pane bridge all the way to the other side without getting knocked off to win the micro-game. If you are playing on hard mode, the beam will not be straight and include more corners.

Water Platform

There is a small gold platform in the middle of the main platform, and the rest is changed to water. Guardians are spawned to try and eliminate the players, and on top of that everyone is given knock-back sticks to knock you back into the water. On hard mode, more guardians are spawned, and random blocks will appear in the water.

Nerd Pole

Chests will spawn in the corners of the main platform, and clicking on them will give you wool blocks and snowballs. Your job is to build up to the gold platform in the middle, watching out for the other players who try to throw snowballs at you. In hard mode, you are given sand instead of wool, and a shovel to break other players' pillars.

Break the enemy egg

You are randomly assigned either blue team or red team. You need to break the dragon egg that waits on the enemy team's side of the turf, but PvP is enabled, and on hard mode zombies are spawned. You win if you manage to break the enemy egg, or if time runs out and your team has the most players left.

Drop Parkour

You Start on a high platform with full health, and you need to get all the way to the bottom without dying. Below you will be blocks, cobwebs, slime blocks and hay bales, some intended to break your fall and some that might just lose you the game. You are given half of your original health in hard mode.

Shoot chickens

Chickens will be falling from above you, and you have to shoot them with your bow to gain "wings". Shoot enough chickens to get 8 wins and you will win the micro-game. In hard mode, you are required to get 10 wings instead.

Buy an item

Villagers and chests appear randomly around the main platform, and will trade you for the item specified in the micro-game's instruction. Search in the chests for the item you need to trade with, buy the item, and you will gain a point. You have less time to trade in the harder version of the micro-game.

Explosive bow battle

The platform changes into a room where you are given an explosive bow. Shoot arrows and try to survive the explosions without falling into the void to win your point. If you are playing on hard mode, fewer arrows are given, but TNT can be found in the arena.

Stay on top or else

You need to stay on top of the emerald platform by bouncing on the slime blocks underneath you. Watch out for the other players' knock-back sticks that could knock you off your high spot. On hard mode, some of the emerald blocks will start to turn into glass and then vanish, making it harder to be on the platform when the time runs out!

King of the Hill

A huge stained clay hill spawns in the middle and everyone is given knock-back sticks. Knock people away from the top and be the last person who has stood there when the timer runs out. Only one of the players can possibly win this game. If you're playing on hard mode, you receive a wooden sword instead of a knock-back stick.

Hide under a block

Random 2x2 block ceilings appear above the main platform. You need to quickly hide underneath one so you don’t get hit by the arrows that are about to fall from the sky. You are once again given a knock-back sticks. Stay alive after the arrows fall to win the micro-game. On hard mode there are fewer safe spots to hide from the arrows.

Shulker onslaught

The platform is surrounded by shulkers and covered in end rods and other obstacles. Try your best to dodge the Shulker projectiles until the time runs out to get a point. Slowness will be given if you are playing on hard mode.

Avoid hot potato

Knock everyone off

Turn in 10 Nuggets

Hatch Chickens

Throw your TNT and survive